Maker Spotlight: Cantos de la Tierra


Before I start making medicine, I set my sacred space, I light palo santo, or copal, or sage. I clear the air around me and ask for permission to start. I thank the plants, I tell them what I am making, why, and I ask them to support the people that they will be going home with. My medicine making bruja rituals deeply reflect parts of who I am, who my ancestors are, how I’m guided to do what I do, and the type of herbalist I’m continuously becoming. I’ve learned to simply let my heart lead the way and enjoy every moment.


I am currently polishing the presentation of my herbal products, changing my labels, and shifting the logo as I am too shifting. The challenge with being self-employed and having so many projects is scheduling enough time to do everything.


I want to continue to witness our support for each other. Queer people carry such beautiful medicine but unfortunately many of our community members continue to be taken form us. As a person that is still here, I know that I have the responsibility to continue making medicine for us to heal, to shine, to thrive, and to support our well being. I hope that we continue to invest in each other. We are breathing for them. We are living for them. We are dreaming for them.

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