Ines Ixierda is an interdisciplinary visual artist and bruja in Oakland, California. I use handcraft and mark making to heal and hold my lived experience as a queer disabled woman of color. Using a range of materials, I am influence by liberation movements, radical femininity, self-determination, pain, and magic. I have worked as an arts educator for over 15 years and am currently pursuing  higher education autonomously  with the Bay Area’s DIY MFA.



I am inspired  by everyday and discarded objects and all forms of busted, rusted and beautiful.


I have been making art and crafting for self expression, healing, and as a side hustle to help support myself since I was a kid.bookchain


Identity informs everything I do. As a queer mixed woman of color with working class and punk roots  I draw from the communities I come from and our traditions of craftsmanship and creativity.

My vision is that all of my pieces are infused with the healing they have helped me with.