I make unscented soy candles, lavender spray, bath salts, brown sugar scrubs and crochet everything and anything.

The women in my family are very creative. My mom and grandmother crochet. My great grandmother makes quilts. We are witches, healers and bad ass mamas making it work.

Making all the things that I do, makes me grounded. Creating healing products for community, especially family, makes me feel connected to the world at large. I do this as an act of resistance, as a way to connect with the creators in my family and community, as a way to provide tools to femmes and witches, a way to connect with my ancestors and use crochet as a way to document history.

My identity inspires me to keep learning and growing so i can provide adornment and healing to my community.

Im excited to bring my lavender sprays with quartz crystals, whipped body butters and crochet dolls among other things.

Come meet Cassandra at Magic Makers on Saturday Dec 9th!


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