MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Bitoon nga Makaayo

Returning from last year we have healer Basha* star of Bitoon nga Makaayo! Basha  is a healing facilitator and will be offering wild crafted California made flower essences and mixed flower essence blends. I will also have paper crafted book marks, envelopes and gift bows.

I’m so excited to bring California wild-crafts single flower essences, flower essence blends, hand crafted paper products and conversations about healing and connectivity.  

The flowers used in my singular essences are all from plants in California. The blends are a mixture of the essences I’ve gathered and Australian Bush Flower Essences. The making and sharing of flower essences is a big part of my healing facilitation practice.

I have been practicing healing arts for over two decades. Creating, listening, cultivating products filled with loving energy has been my life’s work.

As a Queer Woman of Color I am focused on providing healing space and products for my communities. It is deeply important to me that they have access to care, kindness and healing space.

Basha will bring allll the magic on Sunday Dec 2nd!