Maker Spotlight: Atabey’s Rising Tides

RaheNi Gonzalez is a two-spirit Taino Boricua who makes Sacred Medicine and Art

RaheNi has spent the past 20 years focused on healing and learning how to transform trauma, fears, chronic illness & suffering into beauty, love and a higher consciousness.

As someone with indigenous roots, I approach all I do with an indigenous lens… connected deeply to madre tierra, respecting her, never taking too much, always giving back & honoring my ancestors as well as the ancestors whose land I am blessed to live, love, pray & play on.

“When I make medicine & art, which in my eyes, are one in the same, I call on the realm of the spirits & ancestors that walk with me. It’s a prayer, a meditation on truth, healing & beauty.”

I make “Canna-gella oil.” Great for pain, inflammation, anxiety & insomnia. Made with organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic cannabis (Indica dominant) & nigella flower essence for spiritual & emotional support. Can be used both externally & internally. I’m excited to bring my Canna-gella Oil to Mi Gente at Magic Makers again this year. I am also excited to bring medicine earrings & fresh harvested ceder bundles.

I also make medicine earrings made with feathers that have come to me through spirit meaning I do not purchase them. Feather earrings are traditionally worn for protection.

Right now & for all of of October I am in Boriken/Puerto Rico as a resident healing artist for a grassroots organization in Rio Piedras. Yesterday I facilitated a queer new moon circle & today I am offering limpias to the community. I will also be spending some time harvesting plants that can only be found here in the caribbean. I plan to use some of these plants to offer healing sessions for queer caribbeans in the Bay Area.

My visions continue to be rooted in healing, nature & ancestry. I want to see my people walk their talk, walk with integrity, support each other when things are tough, stand in their truth & speak it out loud!

Come meet the Maker at Magic Makers on Saturday Dec 1st!

Facebook: RaheNi González I’naru

Website: Atabey’s Rising Tides