We are excited to have Anikween blessing us at Magic Makers again this year!

Anikween will be bringing a variety of prints of original paintings to the fair this year. With their art Anikween gives permission to themselves “to just be me.” This art practice holds the many sides of of the artist Shani, with love and tenderness. AniKweens is about celebrating their Blackness, queerness, and love for Black women.

AniKweens is inspired by the many elements of myself. I am a Black woman, I am an African woman, I identify as queer/bisexual, and I am on this quest to gaining a deeper understanding of who I am. As a Black queer woman surviving in this oppressive anti Black, anti woman, anti queer world, I need constantly center the rituals and practices that allow me to refuel, replenish, and reaffirm who I am and realign me with my purpose and path.

For me, AniKweens serves as a daily affirmation of the beauty, creativity, resilience, love, and magic that is inherent and abundant within me, within my community, with the Black and Brown folks who are constantly forging new ways of being.

It is In returning to ourselves and learning how to love, nurture, and affirm ourselves, that I believe, we can transcend the limitations that are placed upon us and live freely as wondrous light-filled earthly beings.

AniKweens will be selling their beautiful art on Sunday Dec 2nd!

Instagram: @ani_kweens