We are excited to have Anikween blessing us at Magic Makers for the first time!

Anikween will be bringing a variety of prints of original paintings to the fair this year. With their art Anikween gives permission to themselves “to just be me.” This art practice holds the many sides of of the artist Shani, with love and tenderness. AniKweens is about celebrating their Blackness, queerness, and love for Black women.

“I would love to see more spaces where Black queers are immersed in their soul and creative works. Where there is an abundance of support and people feel lifted and filled up. So many of the spaces that we go into only take and take from us rather than restore and replenish. I want more spaces where we feel held.”

AniKweens will be selling their beautiful art on Saturday Dec 9th!

Instagram: @ani_kweens