Magic Maker Spotlight: Be Real Body

We are two queer babes, one living with chronic illness/disability, who believe that self care is a radical and healing act.

We craft a complete line of luxurious, natural bath and beauty products formulated for the chemically sensitive among us.


What we put on our bodies should not only nourish us, but also reflect our stewardship of the earth. To that end we source all of our ingredients ethically, responsibly, and often locally.

We’ve been crafting small batch, all natural bath and beauty products for most of our lives. We have been making products as Be Real Body for the past year.

Along the way we developed an appreciation of self care as ritual and feel that the act of caring for oneself is truly radical and healing.


Each Be Real Body product reflects our core belief that the path to healing ourselves is inextricably linked to the healing of the earth and our communities.