Cindy Vo will be offering sliding-scale,15-minute Reiki, Chakra Reading and Oracle Card Reading sessions.

I’ve been working with oracle card decks since 2012 as a way to find guidance, affirmation, and support in one’s journey. Through using divination and the oracle decks, I’ve been able to read and receive messages, goddess guidance, power animal, romance angels, sacred geometry, and life purpose.

I’ve received my Reiki level I and II certification last year at Essence of Health, Phnom Penh, Cambodia through duo-team, Dominique and Brigitte (QiGong/Reiki Masters, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors).

As a Queer Vietnamese-American, I experienced my own journey with identity and recognize the importance of holding a sacred space for those with similar narratives. With the understanding of the injustice and oppression that one may experience, I highlight honoring and celebrating the uniqueness of individualism and fully seeing and hearing one’s journey through my practice. There’s nothing more powerful than fully honoring the presence of someone before me while reminding them that they are magik and an embodiment of overflowing love.