HEALER SPOTLIGHT: Truth Is Change Tarot

We are excited to welcome Nanyonjo Mukungu to the Magic Makers Healing space!

I offer Astrology Informed Tarot & Oracle Readings Supporting Transformative Internal Work

My work is inspired by black feminist scifi writer Octavia E. Butler. As a empathic queer black woman, I know how critical internal transformative work is to maintaining sustainable activist communities and spaces that work to envision and build a future without oppression.

I seek to provide a medium that allows folx to be vulnerable and begin and continue unpacking their baggage in order to lay the foundation for larger self examination thus community change. I use and share my experiences of trauma healing and gifts as empathic & clairvoyant healer to inspire folx to expand their capacity to hold space for complexity and ambiguity.

Come sign up for a reading with Nanyonjo on Saturday Dec 9th!

Instagram: @truthischangetarot