We are so excited to welcome Jessica Lanyadoo to the Magic Makers Healing space this year!

I come with a great deal of experience! I offer compassionate and practical readings that get straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve been working as an astrologer and psychic medium since 1995. I am the astrologer for The Hoodwitch, Girlboss & Glamour Mag online, and have written for On Our Backs & Girlfriends Magazine.

I am an out and proud queer, beige identified woman. I have been working in the Bay Area with queers, freaks, and artists since 1995. All of my work in the past 22yrs has been healing work. As my skills and business have grown I have been able to command a fee that allows me to have a high quality of life, but my readings are expensive, and there’s a 6-8month wait time for an appointment with me.  My desire for being a part of this event is to be able to offer my services to people who cannot typically afford them.

All proceeds will be donated to West Oakland based not for profit, Punks With Lunch (https://www.punkswithlunch.org/donate/)

Jessica will be offering 10min reading at $30 each on Saturday Dec 9th!

Instagram: @jessica_lanyadoo

Facebook: JessicaLanyadoo.Astrology.IntuitiveCounsel

Twitter: twitter.com/jessicalanyadoo