Healer Spotlight: Jasmine Jewel Le Blanc

Jasmine Le Blanc is a Divine Light Werqer! She is a psychic and medium providing healing support to beloved communities for over 6 years. She specializes in transforming challenging relationships into loving ones.


Jasmine has communed with her client’s ancestors to heal intergenerational wounds and learn family strengths, identity and magic. She believes healing and transforming is a fun and easy process for any and all beings. Jasmine is committed to support the activation of light, love, and higher consciousness to all beings.


Jasmine will offer 3 collective readings for 5 participants. Any and all questions will be answered including communication with the ancestors. Participants may ask questions regarding relationships, life purpose, spiritual direction, and major life decisions. Offering for each participant is $25.

Sign up sheet will be available at Magic Makers.



To schedule a private reading, email divinewerq@gmail.com or visit Jasmine on Facebook and Instagram