One of our healers this year will be M’kali-Hashiki nln who does healing under the title FiercePassions.  M’kali-Hashiki nln is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker; a Certified Sound, Voice, & Music Healer; and a Certified Tantric Sacred Intimate. She is a queer, feminist, polyamourous, middle-aged, fat, kinky, Black Femme Dyke; and an Ifa devoteé.

During Magic Makers FiercePassions will be offering 15-30mins “Passion Tune-Ups” a guided visualization incorporating Breathwork & soundwork allowing you to drop into the body & access your erotic energy & passion.

” As a Fat Black Queer Middle Aged Femme, I understand the ways marginalization & oppression impact my relationship to my body & my sexuality, and why developing and authentic relationship with my body & my sexuality is an act of resistance. I prefer to work with other people living in bodies marginalized by society; especially those bodies that are multiply marginalized. The power to change the world lies in the wisdom that these bodies hold & I want to support the expression & articulation of that wisdom.”

We have a feeling spots are gonna fill up so make sure to get to MM early and sign up for a session!

For more info on M’kali-Hashiki nln visit: www.FiercePassions.com