HEALER SPOTLIGHT: early bird astrology

Chase Chualong is dedicated to helping people get their lives. Whether it is helping someone make important decisions, getting to know themselves in a deeper way or simply giving perspective on a challenging time in life.static1-squarespace

I give practical advice using your unique planetary archetypes. The placement of the physical planets at the time of birth, sets the stage for one’s personality, patterns and experiences in life. chase1

Through working with me, we can explore inherent strengths and places of growth in one’s personality, the best way to utilize the upcoming planetary influences and even confirm one’s path in life.


I studied with the School of Evolutionary Astrology, a penetrating system of astrology that focuses on the motives behind our purpose. I am dedicated to helping others connect to their path on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Readings with me often integrate my background with herbs, spiritual study and holistic lifestyle.



My practice is aligned to the current social and political environment. as a first generation QTPO that grew up in the bay area by heart is with uplifting my community. my goal for my practice is to heal on an individual basis and through this one can then interact with the world as a powerful, clear mirror to help others heal.

For more on Chase and his practices check out: earlybirdastrology.com