Healer Spotlight: Divine Wisdom Consulting

Dima Dashevsky is a queer, transgender, first-generation Jewish immigrant from Russia.

I will be offering short Reiki treatments; a gentle, non-invasive hands-on technique that works by creating an energy transfer that restores and balances all body systems and vitalizes the body cells.


I provide a safe and nurturing healing space where you can begin to do the transformative work of becoming more authentic in your relationship with yourself and with others. I offer loving guidance and support for you to begin cultivating more love and compassion for yourself as you connect with your Inner Wisdom.


When I sit with people, I always listen for their story and the common themes in it, the experiences that shaped them. I feel honored to bear witness to their journey, to sit with them in their pain, their joy, their shame and their hope or their lack of hope.

Dima will be providing healing services on Saturday Dec 3rd from 3-6pm

Learn more about Dima’s practice on their website: www.dimadashevsky.com