Healer Spotlight: Daisy Spellman Tarot

I am only child, second generation Puerto Rican woman born and raised on the southern west coast of California by a mother who coped with severe mental health issues due to her constant oppression and dismissal. It is important to note this because it’s colored every decision I’ve ever made and shaped the entirety of my life.


I learned from a very young age that if I was to survive in this world I would have to figure it out on my own and somehow learn to empower myself in a world determined to make me believe I was worthless. In 31 years I have come a long way. From learning a myriad of earth based self care techniques, traveling the country via bike/hitchhiking, using divination tools to connect myself to spirit and ancestors, building community through my passion for food and housing justice.


All of my experiences have led me to a place where I can assure you if I can find ways to heal, I truly believe you can too. I am a healer, but not in the way you might think. I am here to help you heal by reminding you that everything you need for healing is and will be found within you. Let us find the tools you need to transcend these trying times together, I believe in you and your abilities as I believe in my own. You need only give yourself the opportunity and decide that you’re ready to heal, the tools are ready and waiting to guide you home.

In our time together I will listen deeply and intently to you as well as seeking guidance through tarot/color cards to confer with spirit and get a clearer look at your current situation as well as come up with tangible steps to help empower your movement forward.

Daisy will be practicing on Saturday Dec 3rd from 12-3pm

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