HEALER SPOTLIGHT: Bitoon Nga Makaayo (star healing)

We are excited to welcome Basha Star to the Magic Makers 2017 Healing space!

I will be offering healing space for folks that is tailored to what they are drawn or feel connected to. This may include body work, energy healing, divination, flower essence healing or even simply holding space to explore what is present.

As a queer Femme woman of color who was raised and rooted in the Bay Area it is always an honor and a blessing to work in my community. I have worked in QTPOC community since I was a youth. Not all spaces are knowledgeable or welcoming when working with QTPOC folks and my lived experience, work and much of my training informs my practice and is specific to working with my community. I offer non-judgementsl space to move through a healing process, to connect with the self and those who came before to access the internal knowledge of how to get through this. Having space to heal and recuperate and rejuvenate is essential in fighting towards liberation. This is how I fight, this is how I move towards liberation, by holding space for the wounded so we can all continue.

I’m so excited to back in the Bay Area and working with folks here. Being rooted in family and community has brought many gifts and strengths and I am so excited to share and magic and create with others!

Basha Star will be in the healing space on Sunday Dec 10th!

Instagram: @Bitoon_Nga_Makaayo