FAQ for Vendors

I don’t have a fancy  website, can I still apply?

You can still apply, but we would love to see images of your work.  You can send links to your instagram, etsy, or facebook. If you don’t use any of these please include photographs in your application of items you will be selling at Magic Makers, not just things you’ve made in the past.


Can I have a table for both days?

In order to give as many folks a chance to sell their work/services, vendors can only table for one day. This year, everyone will have a full table to themselves, in order to increase comfort and access for participants and guests. And we want lots of folks to get to participate, which is why we have a separate roster of vendors for each day!


I can only come for half the day, will that still work?

Vendors should plan on coming for the whole day, including set-up and clean-up and plan to have enough merchandise to vend for the duration of the fair. It’s great to bring a friend to help out, and we also have volunteers who can cover your table if you need a break, or get you snacks or water.


What should I do if I  can’t afford the tabling fee?

If you can’t afford the tabling fee please email us at queermagicmakers@gmail.com  and we can work something out.


I’m a straight ally, can I apply?  

M∆GIC M∆KERS is an intentional space celebrating queer creativity, healing, and liberation. Our goal is to support the work of queer artist, healers, and crafters.


How can I be best prepared for the volume of folks attending the event/amount of merchandise?

Magic Makers attracts 2,000+ people each year. Producing enough materials to vend all day depends on your craft, but requires dedicating lots of time to work on your merchandise for the months leading up to the event. If you think you can scrounge together a few things just a week or two before the event, you will likely not have enough to sell all day. In past years, some vendors have sold out in the first few hours. Planning ahead is key!


Something came up and it turns out I can no longer participate in Magic Makers. What should I do?

Contact us at queermagicmakers@gmail.com as soon as you know you won’t be making the event so that we can fill your spot from our waitlist.