Accessibility at Magic Makers

  • For the first hour of each day (12-1pm), we’re prioritizing access and comfort for anyone who needs or prefers to avoid crowds (due to mobility, anxiety, scents, etc). Please help us increase access for folks who need this space and do not come until 1pm if you don’t need to be there for these reasons. If you come at 12PM and are wearing scents, we will ask you to shower and return after 1PM. Thank you for loving and supporting our community!
  • Please come scent-free for the entire event to help make this space accessible to everyone. Please do not wear any scents, including essential oils, on your body or clothing. Learn more here.
  • The Humanist Hall is wheelchair accessible and a small number of parking spaces for folks with disabilities can be reserved (more info coming soon).
  • This year we will be limiting the number of people in the building at once to keep the space less crowded and more comfortable for everyone!