M∆GIC M∆KERS is a celebration of queer creativity, healing, and liberation. Our first show took place in 2013 in the Temescal Art Center, with 30 artists sharing tables and a small healing space. Since 2014, we’ve been based at the Humanist Hall, with 50+ artists, healers, crafters, food and drink makers, and barbers sharing their magic with the community.

M∆GIC M∆KERS was born out of a desire to create a marketplace for bay area queer artists to have an opportunity to sell their work to their peers, gain exposure and get the chance to support other queer artists.

Those of us with experience in the “mainstream craft world” are tired and frustrated with the heteronormativity, cultural appropriation, lack of diversity, and general lack of political and social awareness.We want our crafters to dream! We want a space where queers can celebrate and support each other.  We want to support folks who give a shit about where their materials come from and how they create their work! We want artists/crafters that are storytellers, healers, and playful dreamers.

This winter, come celebrate queerness during the holidays. This is about supporting the kind of community we want to create. Where artists and makers are recognized and paid for their magical creations. Underground local economies that celebrate the magic in all of us. As always, we will create a space with twinkling lights, seasonal foliage, and warm and spicy drinks. What better place to get all of your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop?

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M∆GIC M∆KERS is organized by a volunteer collective of artists, crafters, and healers living and working in Oakland. (More bios coming soon!)

  • Crystal
  • Elokin
  • Inés
  • Jen
  • Kamau
  • Lex

    lizanne-pic-for-bioLizanne is a Puerto Rican queer femme herbalist, graphic designer, and organizer whose work is centered on healing access and creating community connections. A decade ago she co-founded Dyke Day LA, a still-running yearly Pride gathering that eschews the corporate mainstream gay approach in favor of green common space accessible to all. Currently she co-organizes an ongoing herbal event called Queer Care that connects people in Oakland and Los Angeles to their local queer herbalists, offers free workshops, and hosts by-donation clinics. She’s also part of Critical Resistance Oakland Power Projects’ Anti-Policing Health Worker Cohort, which works to de-couple policing from healthcare situations. This year she joins the Magic Makers crew in creating and coordinating the Healers Space.
  • Mitali
  • Ro
  • Voula